Clarnette & Ludvigsen

The Vineyard

Our vineyard was selected for it’s “terrior”, where the attributes of row orientation, north facing slope, deep red and well drained soil and the region’s cool climate, combine with our specifically selected local Great Western clone, to be an ideal vineyard for producing high quality wines for the Clarnette & Ludvigsen label.

The area of vineyard our wines are made from is small. We have an innovative approach to grapegrowing, where a single, rare, grapevine clone has been chosen for it’s unique adaption to the Grampians Wine Region, having been sourced from vines planted in 1867 in Great Western. We plant annual cereal covercrops, rolling the vineyard in Spring to form an organic surface mulch, making every effort to build the organic matter levels in our vineyards by adding animal and vegetative manures.

Our wines are created using techniques from the past with open fermenters, minimal handling and high quality oak, magnifying the highly perfumed wines typical of the Grampians wine region. We pride ourselves on producing natural, clean wines that truly reflect the place where they come from.